Saturday, April 06, 2013

Two posts in two days - What's happening?

One reason why this blog of mine went into serious decline was because of the rise of Twitter. Although you can post multiple messages on Twitter or use Twitlonger, the spirit of the 140 characters rule (20 less than what you get on the mobile phone) does tend hover over you as you type. I must admit that I do like Twitter as do whatever-the-latest-figure-in-millions-is of users all over this globe of ours.
I have basically two ongoing twitter accounts: wee_evangelist and weecalvin1509. I had to re-launch the Calvin one when my old weecalvin account was hacked and irretrievably hijacked. I had over 300 followers on that one. Oh well...not for us to reason why ;o) I find it amusing (but don’t push it) to see that it is still gaining followers, although nothing has been posted on it for weeks.
I got temporarily suspended on my
weecalvin1509 for asking some of the “Calvinists-are-wicked-heretics-but-Spurgeon-is-my-hero” brigade some self evident but awkward questions. 
That's it for another while... (Hopefully not too long)

Friday, April 05, 2013

Just passing through ...

Hmmm. I really should be doing something with this blog. Still loath to let it go and yet having it lie practically derelict isn't good either. I'll think more about it. {Promise}