Monday, August 08, 2011

The Ukulear Option

I have described myself elsewhere as a "mandolin learner" which might even appear somewhere on my tombstone unless sanity prevails. IOW: I'm not getting on too well. Too many strings too close together and clumsy fingers. So that too is on hold. However, not one to be beaten (as in "No Surrender") yours truly has got himself a lovely wee Ukulele and has been happily strumming away on its 4 widely spaced strings since the beginning of June. OK, I have no immediate plans to apply to the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra yet, but it is a fun instrument which brings a lot of pleasure. And who knows, it might even get my mandolin skills back on track again.


Using the famous "three chord trick" idea, I have been footerin' about wi' a few gospel hymns. I am unaware of the chords of these being available on the internet. If they are, I obviously am not copying them. I got them the old fashioned way i.e. strumming, humming and writing. I'm planning to put them up on this site as I go along. If the ukulele aint your thing, then dinnae fash yersel' as the Scotsman said. I might even get something else up on these pages too. Things are busy at the moment, but where there's a will, there is always a way.


See ya around.

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